Wonderful quality of life at the Costa Blanca



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Interview with Rainer Schmitz from Alicante Real Estate

Wonderful quality of life at the Costa Blanca

Rainer Schmitz is owner and managing director of Alicante Real Estate with headquarters in La Mata, Torrevieja. Together with his team he takes care personally, trustworthily and very competently of the desires and needs of customers wanting to buy a real estate property at the southern Costa Blanca.

Rainer was born in Hamburg and grew up in Spain and Germany before he settled down on the Costa Blanca. We met him for an interview on the terrace of the yacht club Real Club Náutico de Torrevieja It is one of his favourite places in the modern beach town in the south of Valencia.

On the Costa Blanca many thousands of Germans live since the middle of the 70's as long-term vacationers, pensioners or residents. What is the reason for the popularity of the southern province of Alicante?

We have a very healthy Mediterranean climate here with over 320 sunny days and an average annual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The healthy sea breethe, good for the skin, the lungs, the bones and one of the best climates in Europe make this region very interesting. Torrevieja beats everything. I have once compiled a statistic, the number of transactions in real estate purchases and sales is record, about 6,000 this year alone. You can ignore Benidorm in comparison and Alicante can't keep up neither. The tendency to buy a property in Torrevieja is even increasing.

The Spanish Mediterranean coast, especially the Costa Blanca and Torrevieja, is very attractive for Central and Northern Europeans who are considering buying a property in the south by the sea. How do you rate the infrastructure?

The good infrastructure contributes to this, which is a decisive plus here. Everything is there! We have two state-of-the-art hospitals in Torrevieja. One of Spain's largest shopping malls, La Zenia Boulevard, opened a few years ago in neighbouring Orihuela Costa. The nice thing is, you can also find a German supermarket here, you can find a Russian supermarket, a Belgian one, you can get everything here. It´s a very cosmopolitan area, with people living from over 120 nationalities.

Torrevieja and the southern Costa Blanca are easy to reach from northern Europe via Alicante airport. And the city is geographically ideal located in Spain.

Yes, I like to travel, for example. On a weekend I get in my car and drive with my wife for example to the Sierras de Cazorla, the biggest nature park of Andalusia. How long are we on the road? Less than three hours! Málaga and Mabella on the southern Costa del Sol are only four and a half hours away. To the state capital, to Madrid, it´s as well no longer. We habe a location here that is super interesting in Spain.

Out of your experience, what are the main reasons for buying a property on the Costa Blanca?

As a holiday home and as a retirement home, these are the most important reasons. Many of our customers are already older, let´s say between 45 and 55 years old, so my vintage. They want to make sure that when they retire they´ve got a place under the sun. Sometimes they also rent out their property in the meantime after the purchase. We help them with this as well. The income from these sporadic holiday rentals of the property, that could be for the buyer also a financial support.

Does the Costa Blanca offer further advantages over the sunny and healthy climate compared to everyday life in middle and northern Europe?

Yes, I think so. With the available pension, for example, one can live here much better, because the purchasing power in Spain is advantageous. With a certain pension, you enjoy a higher quality of life here, absolutely. In addition there is the topic security...Here at the Costa Blanca there is a very high level of security, crime rates are very low. One can feel safe here.

Your real estate agency Alicante Real Estate has made itself a very good name within a short time...

We do the best for our clients. The best advertisement is word-of-mouth propaganda. Many of our customers who have successfully and purposefully bought a property with us recommend us to others and then bring their friends with them. After all, anyone can advertise, that's just a question of the money invested. But in the one and a half years, since we have our real estate office in La Mata, we have developed from the smallest agency to the very front real estate agencies. I think we are number one on the spot today.

You yourself feel very much at home here on the Costa Blanca...

Yes, and I personally feel very attached to Spain. I am at home here. Sure, I am aware that I am a foreigner. And of course, my Spanish may not be completely free of accent. But I even dream in Spanish from time to time. I pay my taxes in Spain, in the knowledge that I am contributing to make Spain and the services of the state a little better. I don't like the fact that some people don't pay tax here. I am grateful that I am so well received here as a foreigner. I am even considering whether I should take the Spanish nationality.

Is it not surprising that Torrevieja has not become much better known abroad?

That's true, it's still far too unknown. Many tourists simply drive past by the city on the motorway. Málaga and Marbella or the Costa Brava may be better known. I think we will have to push that popularity a bit more. We should all unite here to make this area better known, for the good of all. This is a classic win-win situation. Whether these are companies, service providers or craftsmen, banks, furniture stores, brokers, that would be good for all of us. Torrevieja is increasingly developing into a magnet for residential tourism. The region, in my opinion, has a wonderful future ahead!

Mr. Rainer Schmitz, thank you very much.

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