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We would like to share the life and details of Spain and the Costa Blanca and Alicante. Spain is a wonderful and varied country, with many wonderful views.

These views can be found in varied, diverse nature and in the centennial culture. The most valuable are the friendly people all over the country. Spain is different in an interesting way. Differently in all regions of the country, differently also in comparison with all other areas of the world and feels particularly, differently for each individual.

Especially the Alicante region receives yearly more than 3 Million tourists. Many of them are searching for a Property in Alicante.

Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of this beautiful country of Spain and rent your next 

holiday home in La Mata. The otherness of the Costa Blanca is the result of the unique interaction of the diverse nature, the fascinating culture, the different very interesting provinces and, especially, the adorable people. 

The culture and way of life of people, which has been formed for thousands of years, is different in a positive sense. Here the phrase "tomorrow" (mañana) has its own meaning.

The quiet life with the relaxing "morning" can be quite pleasant for tourists, especially if they come from the hectic countries like Germany or England. However, to work and to live in the Costa Blanca is often not so easy. But about that later.

So, the occasion that we continue with our blog is to bring our readers and clients closer to Costa Blanca and especially the Alicante Region and Real Estate in Spain.

The Team of Alicante Real Estate is looking forward to help all the interested people to find their dream home in Spain and help through the whole buying or renting process. 

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Alicante Real Estate

Alicante Real Estate

Welcome to Alicante Real Estate, your agency on the Costa BlancaAlicante Real Estate is a real estate agency specializing in the sale of new housing and second hand homes in the southern pa…

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