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Blog about traveling to Alicante. It must be said that the days in the Alicante Region not only have many hours of sun, but often there are around 26 ° C, even in October, reminiscent of an average summer day in other northern European countries.

But let's start from the beginning. On the plane to Alicante, a window seat is recommended, since from there you have a good overview of the landscape and you can already glimpse the desert vegetation with the typical palm and mountains of Alicante. True to the motto: "Many roads lead to Rome", you can take a taxi or a bus from the airport to the center of Alicante. The price for the bus is 2.70 euros.

Another country and a new city are always something exciting and that trip has the character of an adventure. So in the first days we recommend to explored the city and to get explained the most important thing. At the counter of the main metro station (tram) Plaza de los luceros you can, as in any other metro station, buy a 10 bus tickets 10 11.70 euros, where the price includes the rental rate of the card. With each additional charge at the counter or on a machine, you pay 8.70 euros for 10 trips. So you can drive both by bus and subway. (Small tip: usually, you do not have to pay twice if you change in an hour, either from metro to bus or vice versa or if you use different buses). At this point I would like to mention the main streets in the center of Alicante, all of which leave the Plaza de los Luceros and are a good first orientation:

1. The avenue of the station (west), which ends at the central station. 2. Federico Soto Avenue (south), which leads to Esplanada, the promenade. 3. Alfonso el Sabio Avenue (east), which leads to Santa Bárbara Castle, the Old Town and the Central Market. If you leave the Central Market on the left and turn right, you will arrive directly at Playa del Postiguet beach.

Already in the first days you can visit one of the most striking places in Alicante: Santa Bárbara Castle Alicante. It was built at the beginning of the 9th century and is one of the largest castles in Europe. It is also located on a 166-meter high mountain. You will have incredible views from the castle over the city. The climb takes 30 minutes. You can also take the elevator, where it goes directly to the beach (Playa del Postiguet). Of course, the lift can also be used to get to the castle, which costs 2.70 euros and is not really necessary. Even at nightfall, it is worth visiting the castle, as it is illuminated by a variety of spotlights and has a charm very different from that of the day. In my opinion, this castle is a must for anyone visiting Alicante.

Places of interest: 1. The old area. 2. The Postiguet beach. 3. The beach of San Juan. 4. The central market. 5. The caves of Canelobre. 6. Santa Bárbara Castle

After visiting the city we recommend to drive down to La Mata and Torrevieja. Here you will find the Pink Lake, the natural park of La Mata and the most beautiful beaches.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about holiday homes and a property in Alicante, Alicante or Torrevieja.

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