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Today, the tourism area covers not only European countries, but also opens up new destinations. Now the tourists have a nice offer one the island of Tenerife. This island is located in a relatively small distance from Europe and at the same time from North America. This little-known among Russians, but a popular place among Russian tourists, has many characteristic sights that have already been loved by many residents of nearby European countries.

The most visited among residents of North American and European countries are still the Canary Islands. Rest there is a guarantee of comfort and good mood, and the tourism industry there has long been debugged and brings a high income. Along with this, the flow of tourist lines is interesting enough for marketers who are engaged in preparing for the market acceptable and possible options for buying and selling local real estate.

The geographical location of the Canary Islands refers them to the African continent, however, by political affiliation they belong to the territory of Spain.

The island of Tenerife mentioned above is perhaps one of the largest islands not only in terms of its territory, but also in terms of the number of people living in its area. If you look at the island in terms of numbers, it occupies an area of ​​2057 square kilometers, which is home to about 840 thousand people. Tenerife today is one of the most popular tourist islands. Every year it is visited by more than 11 million tourists from all over the world, most of whom are residents of the European Union and the Russian Federation.

The climate of the island can be described as a territory with a mild climate, an ecologically clean area and unique landscape, flora and fauna.

The constant influx of tourists to this region contributes to the development of tourism on the island and to strengthening and expanding the corresponding infrastructure. Most often this is due to the cost of housing, which is quite low here. Moreover, low real estate prices are completely unrelated to the level of security of people who are on vacation or live on the island.

Residents of European countries here become the owners of their personal housing. Real estate is acquired mainly by people of retirement age. In this case, there are often options for selling real estate in Europe and buying a home in the Canary Islands.

In addition to the hotel and tourism business in Tenerife, the construction industry is gaining momentum. To a certain extent, this is due to the fact that local banks have developed mortgage lending programs for citizens to buy housing on the island, and this, in turn, has led to an increase in demand for housing.

Buyers who do not have permanent Spanish citizenship, banks provide a mortgage offer at 100% of the value of the property for a period of twenty-five years. The price is regulated, as always, by many factors. But the first, perhaps, when buying an apartment or house, is the location of the object.

In order to purchase affordable housing, the island attracts not only citizens of Europe and America, but also the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

If you are interested in buying property in Tenerife, you need to know about the need to comply with the following procedures:

1.     To stay on the island as the owner of an apartment, who wants to move to a permanent place of residence, a so-called multivisa is issued.

2.     This visa also applies to stay in Spain for six months.

The best choice for buying real estate is the southern coast of the island with exotic names - El Medano and Los Gigantos. The price per square meter here is set at around two to five thousand dollars, in the highlands or on the northern part of the coast, the price decreases. The analysis of the pricing policy allows us to conclude that today the purchase of real estate on the coast of the North American Atlantic has been established at around 5 million euros.

Buying real estate is becoming a popular business of the island, the real estate market is in demand among foreigners. In confirmation of the economic law, which says that demand creates supply, with a constant increase in demand every year, the number of proposals for the purchase of apartments increases on average by about 15% annually.

Real estate agents can offer you several housing options for living on an island:

•       apartments;

•       villas;

•       penthouses.

Acquisition of real estate is made quite simply by contacting the realtors of the island, which will help you comply with all legal rules, and also save time. From your side it is only necessary to determine the type of real estate and communicate your requirements to the realtor when preparing and concluding a contract with a real estate agency.

At the same time, do not forget about the observance of certain features of the island’s housing:

•       If you have a large family, then stop your choice on a spacious bungalow or villa on the sea coast.

•       If you live alone or purchase rental housing, then the best choice for you will be an apartment or a house, as your clients are likely to be ordinary tourists, who plan visiting the island’s sights, restaurants, souvenir shops.

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