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Planning a vacation, many people are dream of escaping from the stuffy rooms. View of the mountains, rivers, the expanse of wild and beautiful nature, harmony - revives the weary mind. Travel agencies are picking up amazing travels, but you can also find an apartment for yourself. The article discusses options for renting for the period of summer vacation. Looking to go to Spain? This information will be useful.

Where better to rent an apartment?

The first task is to choose a region where you will rent a room or apartment. After all, safety is paramount. Below will be considered the main directions that are popular with holidaymakers.

Catalonia. The province attracts most tourists, despite the fact that rental prices are high. Service maintenance is at the highest level. Islands for sophisticated travelers - Costa Brava, Costa Darava. The security status on these islands is at the appropriate level, as they are guided by a good impression of the guests. From here by car, the boat you can go to the famous shopping centers of Barcelona. Renting a private house will be released in the amount of 150-300 per day. Studio and modest apartments cost from 80 euro per day. Trivago offers a large selection of cozy, comfortable apartments. Minus tourist holiday in the short season. Warm water will delight tourists only from mid-June to late September. So pick your vacation dates in the middle of summer.

Balearic Islands - the favorite places of youth. An active recreation program, a wide entertainment industry is attracting more and more travelers. Life is in full swing - noisy parties, clubs, restaurants. The dignity of the sea is not reduced, the beach and clean sand are pleasing to the eye. The entrance to the sea is sharp, so diving is developed. Visitors note that the cost of renting residential premises higher than Catalonia by 7%. Apartments are offered at rates of 100-350 per day.

Valencia, Alicante. Confident lines in the top reliable regions of the country - occupy the province. The degree of security is medium. It is better to come here in late May, early June. Housing prices are minimal, and the sea brings amazing pleasure to travelers. Recreation industry is developed and open, with respect to the travelers, as they are frequent guests in these parts.

Torrevieja, Benidorm, Dénia. The economic crisis keeps the fortunes of these townships at a position lower than others. Prices are much lower. On ad sites, offers start at 40 euro per 24 hours. For newcomers, especially economical, accommodation options are about 16. The southern coast has a dry climate - therefore, it is important to have air conditioning in the living space. In June, there is a special heat that lasts all summer. The crime rate is increasing.

How to rent a house?

There are several options for self-employment:

• Ask friends, acquaintances. Word of mouth is a great way to find a haven. You can immediately find out about the location of shops and markets, so that you do not lose time.

• Look in advance on the sites on the Internet offers. Contact the owner, all contacts are indicated. In writing to clarify all the nuances, otherwise upon arrival there may be misunderstanding. Ask for real estate photos to get rid of unnecessary doubts. Specify the terms of the lease, and get out before coming to contact, specifying the relevance of the information provided.

• Very exceptional moment - to understand on the spot with housing. This could be a hostel. You can visit your Facebook friends by making an appointment in advance. In the latter, do not neglect hospitality. Do not stay for a long time, specify at once what time you come and with whom.

• As a rule, the cost of housing is set for seven days, and is considered the minimum term for landlords. When concluding a contract for 1 month, carefully read the conditions. It happens that the extension will recalculate fees for the season tariffs, which is significantly higher than the budget. Plan in advance the dates of vacation and rest. When renting apartments for 3-4 months, tenants give a discount in the range of 20-30%.

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