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What strikes me in recent years is that there are more and more customers with many different agencies on the road and are completely overloaded. By searching the internet intensively and arranging appointments for the later real estate visit, many lose track of everything, rush from one appointment to the next and think every time, beautiful, could be something, but maybe the next property is even better and so on , In the course of the visits and appointments, the memories of the already visited real estate blur, even if you have taken pictures and videos, so it is difficult to feel right again in the visited offers.

This is not necessary. Take the time to choose a real estate agent! If you feel understood and your expectations are realistic, the trusted broker will offer you everything you really want to see. He will help you to get a realistic assessment of what is possible with your money and of course he knows his way around the market. Also, the broker will protect you from lock offers, of which there are unfortunately many on the Internet. Lock offers that are no longer available at absolute low prices, which of course you can never visit yourself but always on the Internet. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it's not true!

Take a look at only 4 to a maximum of 5 real estate and if the right thing is done, arrange a second visit to the preferred property the next day. If you think you have found what you are looking for, let us show you 2 or 3 similar offers to compare better. If you have decided to go for a walk - at different times - look at the distances to shops and get to know the localities. Please always keep in mind: the interior of a property can be here on the Costa Blanca quite cheaply made as you like it, the location and orientation of the property you can not change unfortunately. Then hit it! Do not hesitate to sign a reservation contract and everything else will come. Your professional real estate agent will advise you in everything or give you the appropriate contacts.

Rainer Schmitz

Alicante Real Estate

Alicante Real Estate

Welcome to Alicante Real Estate, your agency on the Costa BlancaAlicante Real Estate is a real estate agency specializing in the sale of new housing and second hand homes in the southern pa…

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