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My adopted home - the Costa Blanca

"Why are you living on the Costa Blanca?" The question was asked recently by a friend. Why not in Mallorca, he wanted to know. On the Costa del Sol, where so many Germans would live? Or on the Costa Brava?

I answered him quite spontaneously: "I like the original state and the many open possibilities here!" Admittedly, perhaps the term "primal state" may be a bit exaggerated. But the Costa Blanca has retained a very original character. The "White Coast" is not as crowded as many other coastal regions of Spain.

Especially the area around Torrevieja and especially La Mata is peppered with many very cheap properties in a fantastic and barely findable value for money, which is unrivaled in Europe. For nowhere else have real estate prices dropped as dramatically as in Torrevieja during the last crisis, and prices are still down. Even if the real estate crisis is passé, on the Costa Blanca you will find many great deals in the real estate sector.

After a crisis that the past has taught us several times, house prices usually rise again. For how long and to what height, time will tell. The fact is, the Costa Blanca belongs to Europe. And Spain is and remains one of the most important holiday destinations worldwide. Thus, a property here is a good investment, even if you do not want to use the apartment or house directly.

In addition, our agency also offers the service of short-term rental. What could be better than to buy a property here at a reasonable price, to give it to the holiday rental company on a weekly basis and to take some money by the way? Then you will see if this property with profit can be sold again a few years later. I assume! Under the mattress or on the account, money brings no profit at the moment!

Because we have this good investment climate here, I work as a broker on the Costa Blanca, specifically in La Mata near Torrevieja. La Mata reveals itself as a typical Spanish village community by the sea. People know each other here. The most beautiful sandy and kilometer long beach of Torrevieja, that is the Playa de la Mata, the beach of La Mata. La Mata may be a bit more expensive than Torrevieja in terms of price per square meter, but this is more peaceful. If you are looking for more city bustle, you drive by car or bus to a few kilometers south Torrevieja. Why do I live on the Costa Blanca? Quite simply: Here you have peace, enjoy the beach, the year-round sunny climate has everything you need.

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