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About 4 million people live in the capital of Spain - Madrid. The climate here is subtropical: summer is rather dry and hot, and rains are extremely rare. Everyone knows that Madrid is the cultural and business center of Spain, which very often hosts various exhibitions and conferences, symposia and festivals. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this city has its own districts where, for the most part, the so-called “cream” of society resides. One of these areas is Salamanca, located in the central part of the Spanish capital.

The suburban part of Madrid is also mainly represented by the houses and villas of the wealthy elite of Spain. One of these places is the suburb of Pozuelo de Alarcon, where judges, prime ministers, members of the Spanish government, bankers and other officials live. Among European countries, large private homes enjoy great respect. It is this type of real estate built up Majadaond and Las Rozas, which are home to famous cultural and art workers, show men and the largest businessmen of Spain. Just north of the capital is located the cottage suburb of Moraleh, which housed the players of the famous Madrid Rial. It is worth noting that there were once houses of Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo.

Buy real estate in Madrid

As in most metropolitan areas, in Madrid, districts are divided according to the degree of fashionableness: from low to high. In the Spanish capital, precisely in the areas where the “cream” of society resides, new housing is practically not built, which means that this property falls into the category of elite, and therefore very expensive. For example, the price of one square meter in the elite area of ​​Madrid can easily exceed 20 thousand euros.

The Madrid Metro is the oldest network in the whole of Europe, which began its work in 1919. The metropolitan grid is equipped with almost the latest technology and it transports not only residents of the capital, but also nearby suburbs and settlements. Currently, the Madrid Metro includes about 315 stations with 12 lines.

It is worth recalling that Madrid is considered the cultural and business center of Europe. This is due to the fact that the city has a huge number of notable places that are visited with pleasure not only by foreign tourists, but also by local residents. Thus, the central part of the Spanish capital is a large area that surpasses its counterparts in other countries. The historical part of Madrid is concentrated in the Madrid de los Asturias and Madrid de los Borbones areas. The main bulk of Madrid sights are monuments of architecture and painting. It so happened that most of the buildings of the Spanish capital are Baroque or Neoclassicism. Somehow Madrid bypassed the influence of the Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque styles. It is worth noting that in Madrid, about 600 buildings bear the honorary title of architectural heritage. Moreover, there is not a single street in the city and not a single square on which no architectural monument would stand. In addition, the Spanish capital is literally dotted with museums, there are a great many of them here. First of all, these are stunning exhibitions of world famous artists. In addition, in Madrid, a lot of parks and squares, giving the city a special chic.

Special attention deserves the Spanish cuisine. In the capital, a huge number of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Popular small cafes, which are traditionally served for breakfast Spanish omelet and delicious fresh pastries. Be sure to try the real fried cod. And, by the way, in Madrid, fish and seafood dishes take pride of place on the menu.


Of course, real estate on the Spanish coast is in great demand, which is due to its close proximity to the sea. However, the maximum cost is noted when buying a home in Madrid. For example, a small apartment of 30 square meters will cost about 70 thousand euros, 50 meters - 80 000 euros. By the way, it will be said that the cost of a 100-meter living space in Madrid is equivalent to the cost of a 400-meter villa in the luxurious ancient city of Chinchon.

In any case, buying a property in Madrid, whether residential or commercial, will be a very reasonable investment. The only drawback may be the absence of the coast. Yes, having a house by the sea is much more attractive, but if it comes to buying real estate for commercial purposes, then the house in Madrid is much better than it, but on the coast. By purchasing property in the Spanish capital, you can earn income throughout the year, and when you buy a house by the sea, profit is ensured only at the height of the season. In addition, in Madrid there is always a demand for rental housing. Moreover, when you make a mortgage for the purchase of real estate, you can rent it for a long period, which will certainly help in the accelerated pace to pay the loan.

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